The Low-Down:

* Founded in 2012

*Federally certified 501(C)3 in 2013

*22,000 surfers wearing wristbands

*220 shop distributors worldwide

*26 countries

*$23,210 raised thru Q2-2014

*12 charities have benefitted 

*Surfing for Life Foundation is based on five basic principals:

* Attitude (finding a meaning)

* Gratitude (spiritual)

* support (friends and family)

* Diet & excercise

* Modern medicine

*Our Commitment:

*To pay it forward, educate, offer hope and have some fun while doing it.  One wristband at a time...

For another glassy wave.

* For another birthday.

For more hugs from my grandchildren.

For more beautiful sunrises.

For another bike ride along the beach.

For more world adventures with Nancy.

And, for more tomorrows...

             * I say thank you *.


*Thank You!

501(c)3 Non-Profit

One wristband at a time...


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*Surfing For Life Foundation


2014 O'Neill Skin Cancer Awareness Event

Surfing For Life Foundation

*The Surfing for Life Foundation is a non profit charity based on hard work, love & dedication.  We help bring the surfing community together to raise awareness, inspire, educate, and empower those touched by cancer.  One wristband at a time... 

*Our mission

*Those who Benefit

*Show your support for cancer prevention.  Visit your local surf shop or drop into the online shop and buy a wristband!  100% of proceeds go towards cancer charities sharing a similar philosophy: take control of your life & be pro-active against cancer. 100% surfer supported.

The Journey=Hope


*Visit GuideStar to view our transparency

*THE Surfing for Life Philosophy